Squalene NanoEmulsions

AS110 and AS40 Squalene Based Oil-in-Water Human Vaccine Adjuvants


Nanoemulsion Human Vaccine Adjuvants – Squalene Based

SDA BIO is known as a supplier of vaccine adjuvants. It has several locations in Research Triangle Park of North Carolina including the manufacturing site in Sanford. SDA BIO is also a consulting organization in Biotechnology Health Products and MS&T. Key products: self-emulsifying/assembling delivery/adjuvants for biologics, oil-in-water, ~150nm, ~100nm, ~40nm (IMS, microemulsion immunosol), water-in-oil-in-water, ~300nm, water-in-oil, <1000nm, latex nanoparticle, 80-100nm, lipid nanoparticle, polymer gel nanoparticle. We have multiple partnerships in commercializing soluble immunostimulants and systemic or complex adjuvants. Our squalene based O/W 100~150 nm (AS110) and 40 nm (AS40) human vaccine adjuvants are self-emulsifying oil phase, free of microfluidizer or high gear homogenizer. Our lipid nanoparticle delivery system (LNP) and cationic o/w nano-emulsion (CNE) are self-assembling. CAS40 is transparent formulation with particle size ~40 nm; CAS110 is emulsion type of 100 nm in size. Our squalene based nanoemulsion is extremely stable, for as long time as > 1 year under as high temperature as 42 degree C. Both emulsion and polymer based adjuvants can serve as diluent of live attenuated vaccines. SDA BIO provides consulting and contracting services on GMP (federal regulation, quality systems) and MS&T, both 21CFR and 7CFR. To know more of our services and products, please contact us at +1 (919) 349-3023, or by email sdabiocom@gmail.com, we welcome you visit our website sdabio.com.


110 nm


40 nm


150 nm

Please contact us at +1 (919) 349-3023, or by email sdabiocom@gmail.com

Shawn Zhang, President

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