Transparent Emulsion Vaccine Adjuvant

Ready-to-Mix Transparent Emulsions, Extremely Safe, Flexible Ratio with Aqueous Antigen, Hardly Interfered by Surfactant-Like Immunostimulants, Perfect Base for Cationic NanoEmulsion

40nm (10-300 Range) Clear Liquid Formulation

Mineral Oil Based for Veterinary Vaccines and Squalene Based for Human Vaccines


Advantageous for human and those animal species with safety as concern. Induce rapid immune response.

Generate by mixing with PBS the clear type diluent for MLV antigens, and for spray or immerse immunizations.


Some vaccine manufacturers mix adjuvant with antigens and filter the end products

Some vaccine manufacturers pasteurize bulk adjuvant and cool re-homogenize prior to mix with antigens.

Mechanical stirring process is recommended. Most customers use speed of 60-120 rpm for tank mixing.


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